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School and Community Outreach Programs and Partnerships  



The UNC Asheville Office for School and Community Outreach Programs and Partnerships is your one-stop resource to the wide-ranging outreach activities and services available to schools, communities, and other partners. Our School and Civic Engagement Directory showcases the most up-to-date programs, partnerships and activities spanning from services to local schools, including professional development opportunities and resources for teachers to service learning activities designed to meet the needs of a community partner while also heightening the importance of civic awareness and social responsibilty to UNC Asheville students. In this directory, users will also learn of the plethora of events, exhibitions, summer camps and so much more that the University of North Carolina Asheville offers as a evidence of its firm commitment to the Western North Carolina (WNC) region.

UNC Asheville enjoys a celebrated status in higher education’s national arena given its unique ability to commingle its top-notch interdisciplinary approach, intentional student-focused interaction with award-winning, dedicated and passionate faculty who offer nothing less than an unforgettable experience in the liberal arts; and a lifelong trajectory of endless personal and professional career possibilities.  The University remains connected to and steeped in the cultural richness, traditions, diversity and pride of the local region which is demonstrative in its creative ability to integrate the use of civic and academic engagement in partnership with local communities and schools and the fortitude of its research, scholarship and expertise strategically aligned with local, state and federal government to address complex societal problems affecting WNC.

UNC Asheville’s Office for School and Community Outreach Programs and Partnerships features the diversity of this work through the School and Civic Engagement Directory and welcomes your feedback.  We are committed to advancing the University’s mission of “seek[ing] and serv[ing] North Carolina’s most promising students, regardless of need, and facilitat[ing] their path to graduation” as a strategic priority. To accomplish this goal, the outreach activities featured in the directory promote holistic engagement with UNC Asheville. We are “at your service, and in your region!” Join the conversation as we roll out our “Campus to Community Connector” campaign on Facebook and feature weekly the latest news and information about school and community outreach!   Don’t see an (your) outreach activity featured kindly send an e-mail to

 The opportunities are boundless.....